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The Catechism of Catholic Ethics
A work of Roman Catholic moral theology
by Ronald L. Conte Jr.
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Table of Contents:
  1. The Basis for Morality
  2. The Eternal Moral Law
  3. The Three Fonts of Morality
[A. Intention, B. Moral Object, C. Circumstances]
  4. The Principle of Double Effect
  5. Judgment and Moral Certitude
  6. Conscience
  7. Degrees of Sin and Culpability
  8. Interior Acts and Exterior Acts
  9. Positive and Negative Precepts
10. The End Does Not Justify the Means
11. Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium
12. Doctrine and Discipline
13. Imperfection and Perfection
14. Types of Evil
15. Direct and Voluntary Deprivations
16. Proper Moral Definitions
17. Theft and Lying
18. Types of Murder
19. Just and Unjust Violence
20. Just and Unjust War
21. Slavery
22. Abortion and Contraception
23. Assisted Reproductive Technology
24. Sexual Sins
25. Marital Sexual Ethics
26. Sets of Acts
27. Incomplete Acts
28. Cooperation with Evil
29. Temptation
30. Grace and Salvation

The free Kindle sample of my book The Catechism of Catholic Ethics includes the introduction and all of the first four chapters: 1. The Basis for Morality, 2. The Eternal Moral Law, 3. The Three Fonts of Morality [A. Intention, B. Moral Object, C. Circumstances], 4. The Principle of Double Effect. These chapters alone are a good introduction to Catholic moral theology.

The Catechism of Catholic Ethics is a comprehensive explanation of Roman Catholic teaching on the basic principles of ethics, including: the eternal moral law, natural law, the three fonts of morality, the principle of double effect, the principle of cooperation with evil, the use of personal judgment and conscience, moral certitude, temptation, and differing degrees of sin and culpability. This book clarifies for the reader the distinction between positive and negative precepts, between interior and exterior acts, between doctrine and discipline, and between imperfection and sin. This work also covers magisterial teachings on specific types of acts, including: lying, theft, murder, just and unjust violence, slavery, just and unjust war, abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization, sexual sins and marital sexual ethics. The book closes with a long chapter on Catholic salvation theology, called grace and salvation.

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